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Partner support - Partners to ParentsPartners to Parents provides practical tips for new parents and parents-to-be, to help you support one another and reduce your chance of depression and anxiety.

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This website was developed by a team of researchers and psychologists at the Australian Catholic University. The content was endorsed by an international panel of more than 50 parents, researchers, and perinatal health professionals, including psychiatrists, nurses, and counsellors.

Thank you to the following experts for their contribution to developing the content for this website:

Beulah Warren, Psychologist and author of Clinical Skills in Infant Mental Health
Britt McDonald-Hall, Post and Ante Natal Depression Support and Information Inc (PANDSI)
Professor Eleonora Bielawaska-Batorowicz, University of Lodz
Dianne Casella, Clinical Psychologist and Consultant
Elly Taylor, Relationships Counsellor and author of Becoming Us
Hanne Jepsen, Clinical Services Coordinator and Occupational Therapist at St John of God Health Care
Karen Kleiman, Author and founding Director of the Postpartum Stress Centre
Myrna Martin, Nurse, Family Therapist, and Perinatal Health Educator
Nicki Walsh, Consumer Advocate
Dr Nicola Newton, University of New South Wales
Dr Penny Brabin, Clinical Psychologist, iMind Psychology
Dr Ruth Schmidt Neven, Clinical Psychologist and Consulting Child Psychotherapist, Centre for Child and Family Development
Shanthi Rama, Buraimi University
Sian Khuman, Psychologist and Couples and Family Therapist
Dr Zoltan Kozinszky, Karolinska University Hospital

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Last reviewed 17 June 2016