Self care

It is important to engage in self care during pregnancy and following the birth of your baby.

Dietself care

Having a healthy diet helps parents cope with sleep loss and breastfeeding, and recover from childbirth. Look for quick and easy meal options that incorporate lean meats, whole-grains, low-fat dairy products, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Choose healthy snacks (e.g., fruit, low-fat yoghurt, raw nuts and seeds, wholegrain crackers) over highly processed foods such as biscuits, cake, and chocolate. If you have anxiety, you may benefit from reducing your intake of stimulants such as coffee, tea, cola and energy drinks as these can exacerbate symptoms.


Encourage one another to sleep when needed.


Encourage one another to be physically active either individually or together. Help each other to get out and get some fresh air.


If your partner is breastfeeding, provide support with staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Learn more about how you can support each other with breastfeeding on the Australian Breastfeeding Association website. 

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Last reviewed 24 April 2016