Talking about tricky things

talking communicating your partner sad anxious angryTalking about tricky things can be difficult – its often hard to find the words to talk about painful and negative thoughts. Encourage [p2p t=”partner:name” d=”your partner”] to talk honestly about whatever [p2p token=”partner:gender:he/she” d=”they”] [p2p w=”is” d=”are”] struggling with. Be careful not to dismiss concerns when providing reassurance, e.g., rather than saying something isn’t a problem say something like:

“I will be here to help you with that”

“I can see that is really worrying you but I think we can get through that”

You may not want to ‘burden’ each other with your feelings. But do not bottle-up your feelings as this makes it more likely they’ll come out the wrong way, such as during an argument. Voice your needs directly rather than thinking that [p2p t=”partner:name” d=”your partner”] can read your mind.

Hiding your thoughts and feelings may cause [p2p t=”partner:name” d=”your partner”] to feel shut out.

Professional assistance is available if you need help with communicating effectively (e.g., a couples therapist or a psychologist).

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Last reviewed 24 April 2016